Golf de Caen Garcelles-Secqueville

This 18-hole golf course, located within a listed site only 5 minutes from Caen, via exit n° 13 on the south ring road towards Alençon, comprises three very different areas. The first six holes offer long drives with greens requiring a technical approach, followed by narrower fairways meandering through the woods, but with more accessible greens. A variety of putting options thanks to many plateaux. Worthy of note: a 6-hole initiation course for you to quietly practice with all the necessary equipment available on hire.

Golf de Caen Garcelles-Secqueville

Route de Lorguichon


Telefon : 02 31 39 09 09

Telekopierer / Fax : 02 31 39 09 10

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Architekt : Yves Bureau

Gegründet 1989.

Von : 70, 5716 Meter (6251 Yards)

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